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Violet Microphones – Amethyst vintage

Both "The Amethyst" models are based on our own original true electrostatic capsules. Large size diaphragms are made of the highest quality 6-micron Mylar film. Using our original technology the diaphragms are tensioned and adjusted on precisely made brass backplates.

GAS A-10 – 4 channel attenuator

The A-10 is a completely passive four channel switched attenuator. Each channel is balanced and uses hand matched precision resistors to maintain the highest standard of balance. It will keep the stereo image intact if provided with stereo sources.

Daking MicPreIV – review

The Daking MicPreIV is a 4 channel preamp/DI with pad, phase, line-mic, phantom-swich.The micpre offers 75! dB of gain. Plenty to drive even my RCA ribbon mic to the full level. As a unique feature it offers a separate mic/line input (XLR format).

Steven Slate – Trigger

Steven Slate Trigger is made by Fabrice Gabriel. The trigger thing is a direct replacement for any available drumplugin. The speciality of Trigger is the possibility to use it standalone as drum sampler plugin. It can recive information via Midi.

Steven Slate Digital: VCC (virtual console)

Steven Slate is the producer of these plugins. Fabrice Gabriel (Eiosis) is the brain beind these stuff. As we all know, he released the fantastic AirEq when working for/as Eiosis.

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