Gear reviews

Samplitude 11 Pro

Generally speaking I think you all know Samplitude. It’s PC only. They have been getting image problems when they were sold to Magix (famous for their Magix music maker). Samplitude is definitly another sort of DAW. Think about it as a mix-station. Object orientated. That means, every audio file is an object. If you do changes you can do that object related and not track related. If you can adjust to that...

CharterOak – SA538 / SA538b LDC microphone

Ge ne ra lly speaking The Cha rterOak SA538 is an affordable, high quality alternative to other condenser microphones in its class. Its sonic integrity, extreme durability, overall design simplicity, and serviceability make it an attractive option to any of the condenser microphones of its type currently available. The CharterOak SA538 is a dual diaphragm vacuum tube condenser microphone. Nine (9) pick up...

API – 512c lunchbox preamp

Generally speaking The API 512c is a mic / line / instrument preamp designed to provide a low noise, unusually good sounding front end for all types of audio systems. Sonically, it offers the distinct API sound at an extremely affordable price. Offering low noise (-129 EIN) and 65 dB of gain, the 512c includes phantom power, and switchable polarity, -20 dB pad and Mic/Line or Instrument selector. Front panel...

Brainworx – shredspread

I could imagine having an option to display 2x 4x12" cabinets on each side, that would make it more usable for metal-mixers (joking). The plugin is pretty easy to control, except the autopan-thing, which became clear to me, when watching this video:

Mixerman – ZEN and the art of mixing (book review)

This book is about "life, the universe and everything", focused on mixing, production and psychology. Mixerman will get into your mind, play around with the Neurons and throw you away if he has all your money..

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