Gear reviews

I don’t have a plan, I have a vision

… has been officially confirmed by a customer of mine who looked at my editing and told me that I am nuts.. after listening to it he said: you really have a vision… 🙂 Time for tshirt prints… 🙂

Ibanez TSA15H “Tube Screamer” Head and TSA112C Cab –

Ibanez TSA15H “Tube Screamer” Head and TSA112C Cab – just wanted to tell the world about it. somehow it looks appealing and it sells for 269 US$. I will grab one and report...

Invictus Audio – metal drum samples

I recieved the DVD package from Invictusaudio one month ago. Enough time for testing so to speak. It comes in a professionally designed double DVD case. The protection is a serialnumber which is found inside the DVD. Difficulties and technicalities No problems occured during installation. It’s delivered in gog, trig and wav format, everything is clearly labeled and it made instantly sense to me. Sound Coming...

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