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About this site:
The idea of doing a review site was growing while doing moderation work on another big proaudio site. I get a lot of PMs from other people who want to know if I like this unit, or that microphone.. I want to review stuff as much as I can (and as detailed as I can) to provide my experience for the public.
I have no sponsors, nor do I get payments from anyone.

I am a manufacturer or distributor and want to have my gear reviewed on this site:

Please contact me via email me at georgenecola dot com and make an inquiry about reviewing your product. Please make sure that the product is packed well and tested before it leaves your warehouse/factory. Make sure you do not expect the product to return (I have to pay import taxes and duties).

About George Necola:
started my career in 1997 with a conductor degree (Konservatorium Zürich, Switzerland) and basoon education.
discovered AC/DC in 1998 and started to play the guitar, founded Lager9-studios in 2000
worked with many bands since 2000, mostly producing and mixing them
helped a lot of people finding their sound (either musician or studio-guys)
live recordings of classical music
used, reviewed and improved a lot of equipment for manufactureres
reviewer for Focalpress, worked for Groove3, modification for various manufacturers of audio-equipment

you can find more info about me on


About Andreas van Engelen (contact via mail, on request only):
Andreas van Engelen is an audio engineer who focusses on classical acoustical recordings.
WIth a background of music, soft and hardware distribution he is unable to shake the industrial part of of the music recording  & creation.
Therefore he still bugs codewriters, distributors and outboard designers.
He also believes that live music should be applied with the same tools and have the same (at least similar) quality as in the studio. 3D is the next big thing BTW!  Elated and thisisnothappeningyetrightnow reports can be found at George Necola’s blog

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