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EMpTy 250 reverb ‘to get that very washy, airy sound’

EMpTy250 software plug-in reverb AU VST
This is a superb looking, superb sounding digital plugin reverb. It has one of the coolest interfaces ever and has been built meticulously! Over 4 years in the making!
This plug-in is an emulation from the original EMT250 built by Electromesstechnik in 1976 the first commercial digital reverb. It has been used on countless records (Pussycat Dolls -Jai Ho-,
George Duke, Daniel lanois, Brian Eno, George Massenburg, Bruce Schwedien, and Prince -Purple Rain- .) A bit hard to track for most of it was way before the beginning of internet.
How to sound great in a relatively modern production Nicole Scherzinger (PC Dolls) in 2009 ‘Jai Ho’ (with EMT250, AMS delay and a TC 2290 delay )
Another good example of a maxed out EMT250 is Brian Eno and Harold Budd’s ‘The Plateaux of Mirror First Light’ However, if you are not into this floating style of music keep reading for this Verb has a lot more to offer in the more modest ballpark of dry/wet!
How it is made:
Empty Room Systems got the original reverb structure from the developer of the original EMT-250 and they developed 8 randomizers to approach the original hardware design. This was a painstaking yet fulfilling process for it added the human factor to the EMT250 emulation. Reverb in rooms reacts to height, heat gradients, heat changes and even turbulence in a room. So by employing this EMpTy250 is a plug that seems to be a living thing. It modulates, it breathes, it lives!
Exacty this is Empty Room Systems angle.
Barry Blesser comments on this:
‘These boxes uses randomizers, which means that the audible experience includes the fact that there is a pleasuring continuous change, like the difference between a static sinewave and a singer who uses vibrato while singing a single pitch.’
I was in a V/O session during the test and whereas the drowned example that Eno gives, this was somthing hat needed an undefined space and other IRs and emulations could not go where they needed. So very lighty used the power and usefullness of the EMpTy250 increases.
It is really worth downloading the demo and apply it to your own tracks. Now that is a cliche but it did to two different projects what we needed and could not get by all other splendid means. Hard to tell if that is due to the randomizer or to the type of algorithm but i guess it is both.
Original space ship model:
Though the EMT250 sound is related to the 80’s the need of that airy, lush sound is still there. (Does ‘Jai Ho’ sound 80’s to you?) The tool is fit for applying it in all kinds of situations and certainly in combination (or not) with other fine electronic gear. The original version costed USD 20.000 and the second hands are still 10 to 14K. There are 250 hardware units worldwide only.
EMpTy250 software plug-in reverb AU VST
Stereo as well as 5.1
EU 129,- Download only
RTAS in development No ETA given
Fxpansion wrapper non compliable
Empty Room Systems is currently doing very well with their (new) Dimension D Chorus emulation of Roland’s SDD-320 Dimension D!
Stay tuned to read more about them!
Andreas van Engelen

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    Mangnificient UI design is done by Scott Kane

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