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GAS A-10 – 4 channel attenuator

Generally speaking

The A-10 is a completely passive four channel switched attenuator. Each channel is balanced and uses hand matched precision resistors to maintain the highest standard of balance. It will keep the stereo image intact if provided with stereo sources.  The A-10 has 4 attenuation levels. The specific amount of attenuation depends on the impedance of the gear that is connected to it.  That is why the attenuation points are lettered instead of numbered.  It provides a constant 600 ohm impedance throughout every attenuation point.  Want more “green” gear?….. well the A-10 requires 0 power!  One less power cord in your rack.

Like the introduction from the website says, it’s just a resistor to attenuate the signals coming out of any preamp without gain-trim or if you run your hardware chain during mixdown back into your converter. You can also use it to drive something, put it between a reamper unit or just to have attenuated something you want to be lower in level.

I had the problem that there is a lot of sound coming out from the API 512c’s and the Shadow Hill mono gama. When the sound was cool, the input of the converter already clipped. Even worse on a friends system. I sent him my lunchbox for recording something and his fireface was totally overloaded with the high output of those preamps.

And it’s green.

Problems and technicalities

No problems. The unit is built like a tank. Really: it will survive any nuclear weapon assualt without damage. There is a possibility that in 2000 years when our century is ancient, they will find a GAS-10 and still make use of the attenuation 😉

No powercord, just 4 pots.


Well, maybe you have read about my DIY adventures in building an attenuator. I ordered everything and tried all the solutions and most of them didn’t work for me. The only thing that worked well was the trimpot from API audio-connection (don’t confuse it with the brand API). But 4 channels are 150$ + shipping and then you have no housing, no knobs.. nothing.

The standard GAS has a built in attenuation of 10dB when you have it on mode A. You can have that changed to 0 dB (kinda Bypass option) but I haven’t which is not a problem as I patch the GAS in when I need it and not by accident.

The sound is transparent. I didn’t feel any coloration from the unit. The output was pretty stable. I heard no sound shift or wired stuff going on. When I recorded a kick-drum with the GAS A-10 behind the API 512c, I accidently fell in love. You can get that bouncy kick, kinda compressed sound when driving the transformers in the 512c. Pillowy would describe it the most exact.

I used it on some stuff and it performs very well.


At 315US$ + 40US$ to Europe you can not go wrong. Just buy one if you need attenuation.

The best thing: George (the designer and manufacturer of the unit) is a nice guy talking to and he can make some stuff custom if you prefer to have other features built in.

*4 Individual Channels

*If presented with 600 ohms on either side, then the attenuation amounts are: 10db, 15db, 20db, 30db

*Frequency Response: ± .05dB from 2020,000 Hz

*Constant 600 ohm impedance

*Power Requirements: None

*Chassis: 1u Durable Steel

*Connections: 4 XLR Male, 4 XLR Female

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  1. Hi Mr George i’m interested in getting your Gas A-10 what is the price on It? Thank’s!

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