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Musikmesse 2012 : report part 1

Here we go: George@Musikmesse 2012.

Part 1…. still uploading pics.

I visited the Musikmesse from Wednesday to Saturday, met a lot of my old business friends and did interviews and photos. You can find pictures and movies in this blog post.

Exciting news:
– Mr. Goeckdag and his new company Zynaptiq: they can pitch-transform vocals inside a full arrangement. They showed me an example of Michael Jackson, where Denis played with a keyboard to adjust Michaels Vocals in “Beat it” in real time. Fantastic! very little artefacts.

– Chandlers guitaramp sounds like my London City MKIII! Hooray!

– Heritage Audio: their stuff is incredible. I played bass trough it and turned knobs. Freaking awesome.

– The new guitarpedal, Alairex,  which is distributed in the US by Wavedistribution (Gil Griffith), sounds like an amp.

– A new DAW for musicians is coming: checkout Instinct.

– Rossmann loudspeakers: the guy develops an isolation-box for a 1×12″ speaker. features: you can exchange the speaker, it provides 30dB of isolation, does not sound muffled.

– Unity Audio: the boulder. Great speaker for money. I might get a pair soon.

– Guzauski-Swift monitors: what I heard on the showfloor coming out of theses new Class-D powered speakers, is very good transient response and huuge lowend (not hyped, full and round). 15kUS$ street, worth checking out.


Studio Technologies, studiocom monitor controller


Mr. Latchlake demonstrates the new Taytrix traps. They work. 2700 pounds for a 9piece package of those.

Charter Oak was there. Nice to meet you Michael Deming!


New Banana speakers from Germany. they booth looked like shit, the speakers look funny, the price is low. 400 euro for the Turbo5, 600 euro for the turbo 6, subwoofer 600 euro.


banana from the back


Lindell and JP Gerard (E&E Belgium, noHypeaudio Belgium)



Mr. Swist showing off his new speakers. Very interesting design with floating mid-range/tweeter (they float on the main chassis). Less to no vibrations on the mid/high tweeter. Very nice guy talking do. good job done Mr. Swist.


Grossmann isolation cabs. Might getting one myself. Nice guy, made in Germany. Cost: 600 euro with speaker.


MCaudiolabs crew! nice to meet you guys.


Mr. Björn Engdahl… and thanx for all the beer. guy looking funny is IGS 🙂


The Swedish viking arrived.


the band. nice singer.


Gil (Wavesdistribution), Mandy Parnell (Masteringengineer Björk, fatboyslim.. and otheres), Jules


Avedis, Mr. Avenson (thanx for explaining the Wunder) and Claudio



news from Avalon. in more then 12 years, they finally have a combination of DI and preamp.. in one box. thank you.




Audioimport crew.


Manley was there.


Tonelux and PMI was there.


More PMI products.


Paul Wolff.


Thanx Denis showing me your wonderful new plugin.


Lindell audio new stuff! feels great.


Justin and Avedis talking.


MCaudiolabs Marco and his Luna.


New Audient console.


Avalon Beata and her booth.


more Avid.


new colaboration between Andy (Vertigo Sound) and Michael (Behringer).


the guy who wasn’t there.


Matze plays around with the Vertigo preamp.


uh lalahalha.. so sexy. Josephson microphones.


Adebar with his Forssell preamps and converters.


Kelly posing for me. nice to meet you!


Modular analog audio mixing desk. it’s a mixer.


Mr. Metric Halo, Stefan.


Dominic from elysia and mr. Elysia from France. sorry.. your name dropped.


Mr. Service guy, Roger Schult talking.


Dangerous music gear.


SSL global sales, Damien Egan with a matrix.


new ALSO 500series gear. they listend to me. they look half as ugly then the year before.


Mr. Also and Jean Hund Akzentaudio talking.



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  1. Andreas van Engelen says:

    Brilliant George,

    Almost like being there without the silly noise of hopeless keyboards!

  2. Mira says:

    Great report looking forward to part 2

  3. Erik says:

    Nice work George, and thanks for the delicious chocolate, munching it at my desk right now!

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