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Musikmesse 2012: report part 2


ALSO gear. me like.

Rollmusic (Justin Ulysses Morse) gear




new SM9


Unity Audio boulder and the rock speakers. So far so good. I might get a pair of the rocks.. the boulders sounded not so tight on the bottom end of life. but it was the show floor, so still not decided yet.


Liam from Cartec.


cartec audio.


Kevin from unity explains things.


SmartAV Tango 2. price tag: 9000 euro


new EVE-audio tweeter.

Brand new EVE-audio. they split up with ADAM (the CEO) and now it’s kinda obvious who ADAM audio was.. it’s now EVE. after a quick listen, they have different lowend and highend, but do not sound as much hifi as┬áthe new ADAM-speakers. actually, they look quite shitty. but that’s another story.


Marco from MC-audiolabs with his gear.


Vocal chain of death. SM58 into all this cranesong gear results in a Frank Sinatra voice.. or so they say.


Dave Hill, Cranesong & Dave Hill designs



part3 coming soon.


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  1. Andreas Kuhn says:

    Hi George, thank you for this cool Musikmesse 2012 reviews !

  2. Mira says:

    Great photos !!

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