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Musikmesse Frankfurt 2011 report part 3

Wade with is new tits.


Mr. Beesneez and Tim Campell


Termionic Culture new Nightingale


Mrs. Soundfield and Brad Lunde (Transaudio group)


Mr. Peter Reardon (Shadow Hills Audio) and his new puppie the Oculus


Cartec Audio (Liam) and his new products. Nice stuff. The preamps and EQs sounds like there will be a lot of fun happening in my studio soon. 🙂

Mr. Busy (Seed and nameless others Mastering guy)


Sonodyne speakers. Still love them a lot!


Ryan from Vintage King with the Vertigo guys.


Mr. Mojave with Campell and Oscar from Softube doing the beer thing.


Mr. Termionic Culture and Kevin “the hitchhiker” Unity audio UK


Mr. Klangzeuger (left), Mr. Royer (middle) and no clue who’s on the right. Who are you? 🙂


Mr. Royer again, Mr. Mojave, Ranger and Tom Jansen (Audioimport)

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  1. Thanks for the treat…sorry we missed you!

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