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NF Audio – monitor controller

NF Audio is the brainchild of Nick Franklin, a former Aussi-guy.I learned about NF Audio on

from the website:

NF Audio Pro Audio Products
NF Audio manufactures a range of pro audio products for both stage and studio use. The product range includes re-amp devices, DI boxes and small mixers, and focuses on value for money as imperative. All NF Audio products are built and wire by hand using only the highest quality, most durable components. “Most of my products cost less than a days work but will last every day of work until you die,” -NF. Please, visit the webstore to see the full range of NF Audio Products

NF Audio Audio Engineering Services
Despite spending a great deal of time behind the soldering iron, Nick also gets into the studio to make music as often as possible. Essentially we are here to help, so whatever your project is, we can probably achieve exactly what you want. For more info, read the recording studio section of this website.

Generally speaking

So here is the deal: he makes you a custom made monitor controller for very little money. You can tell him what you want, and he says if it’s possible to build or not (or if it doesn’t make any sense at all). What I wanted was

– switching 2 inputs
– switching 2 outputs
– Mono switch
– Mute switch
– Trims on each input, to adjust the monitor level of both hooked up speakers


Well, what should I say? I was pretty much blown away by the simplicity and easy to use of the well layouted interface. The thing is as transparent as I can judge it.

Coming from an SMproaudio monitor controller, I was tired of the missing highend, the crosstalk and all the bs that comes along when buying cheap M-audio stuff.

Nicks controller kills. the only downside is that the volume-pot is not left/right stable on the first 1/12 of the movement (so that’s about 1 or 1.5). The second thing is that the monitorcontroller could have a bit more weight. Due to the aluminum and not much stuff in there, it’s pretty light-weight. I got an adapter interface construction for one input, which means that the inputs are quite “heavy” in terms of weight and the controller starts to move backwards.

It’s really not a problem at all. I will resolder the second inputs and the problem will be solved.

The switching from inputs and speaker ouputs is dead quite. No clicking noise or similar things occur.

The mono-switch is working like a mono switch should. It gets mono. The mute-switch is not 100% dead quite, but I actually like that. I use the mute switch for checking levels on very low levels. The left right balance is still there and the sound is quiet.


For this price (I paid something below 280AUS$ without shipping) the quality is unbelivable. The metal work looks a bit homemade, but I like that a lot. It’s solid, it makes fun, it’s transparent.

Go buy it!

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