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Patchbay Tiqae x85



I read about this patchbay on Gearslutz (see this article: I contacted Tiqae (who is run by a guy called Tommy Knepp)  and got one about 3 month ago. enough time to test it.

technical details:

  • Ideal for use with 8 channel preamps and converters
  • Also useful for “all in ones” as a primary interface breakout box
  • Accommodates all of the analog Dsubs on the ULN-8
  • Plays nice with LIO-8 or Symphony I/O and any preamp arrangement
  • Use with 8 or 16 channel A/D converters
  • Separate Mic and Line inputs
  • Half normalled insert section provides preamp outs and A/D ins
  • 8 auxiliary channels for additional ins or outs
  • DB25 analog connections on rear panel
  • High quality connectors mounted on PCB
  • Fully balanced “pass through” design
  • Uses TASCAM analog standard pinout
  • Safely supports phantom power                     the x85 patchbay is
  • Rock solid 16 ga. steel construction                hand made in USA
  • 1 RU 3.25″ deep

So what we look at, is not a regular patchbay with TT-phones. It’s designed to give your hybrid mixing studio or your remote-location recordings a full input/output/patch solution.


Well it’s passive. It shouldn’t have much sound. This is one of my main concern, when using a patchbay, the transparency. I put everything I had trough the patchbay (kicks, snares, full drumkits, guitars and vocals), used the input output and aux routing, used the input mic selection and patched gear forth and back.

Specified are -75dB+ crosstalk between the channels, whitch is enough to please most recording/mixing engineers. I tried to put phantom on it and looked at the DC offset. I found 0Volts as well (Tommy Knepp said it’s zero.. but never trust the manufacturer..heh). From now on, we can trust him 🙂

I haven’t had any ground issues either.

I haven’t heard “much” coloration. That means, the patchbay sounds incredible transparent for 285 US$. For comparison I put up my Signex patchbay and A/Bed it with the result, that I couldn’t tell the difference (I recorded the signal). Good Job man.


Build quality
The unit is built like a tank. Heavy duty. I haven’t had a single problem with rattling connectors or stuff like that. Wonderful job!

If you need to expand your routing possibilites or need a solution for your hybrid mixing studio, the Tiqae x85 is the way to go in my opinion. I see an increase in price in the forthcoming future as the demand will be a lot bigger then before.

Tommy Knepp trows in a 3 year warranty and free shipping in the states.

Buy it. NOW!

more info:

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