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Phoenix Audio – DRS1R / 500 series preamp

The DRS-1R hit me 2 weeks ago. As a long time user (not owner) of a DRS-2 (dual channel preamp from Phoenix Audio) I wanted to know if I could get me a DRS-2 for less money if I buy 2x Phoenix Audio DRS1R preamps. Well… the short answer is: YES!

No input transformer (electronically balanced input) but an output-transformer (like in the DRS-2), same big gain knob,  26dBu output (clips at 24dBu), enough gain to amplify everything you plug in, quiet.

I expect DRS-2 sound coming out of this new design in the 500 series and there it was. It’s this special silky topend, the balls, the not so present midrange (but fits in well in most mixes), 3 Dimensional something which I can not explain… It just works on most things which requires a nice topend, solid lowend and fascinating pleasing midrange. I would not use it on everything (I found it to perform not so well on acoustic guitars, but then again, I am not a specialist in recording acoustic guitars.. ).

Well, our mind plays tricks on us. So in my little world, the DRS1R sounds different then the DRS-2. Again, it was a half year ago, that I used a DRS-2 on a guitar cabinet, it could be bogus, mindtricks… Different doesn’t mean bad at all. It’s this wonderful sound I am asking for when working with a Phoenix preamp. It’s just different.. maybe not as “airy”..

This preamp seperates the boys from the men. If you didn’t have the pleasure to record something trough a DRS-Phoenix Audio product, you should order one immediatly. I love em.







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