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review: Toontrack Library of the extreme death & trash


from the page:
Welcome to the second installment in Dirk Verbeurens Library of the Extreme:
“Library of the Extreme – Death & Thrash”
The new ”Library of the Extreme – Death & Thrash” has all the beats that youd need, meaning the Skank beats, the Carpet Rolls, the D-Beats, all the double-bass stuff, etc, etc. Together with “Library of the Extreme – Blasts & Fills” this pack makes a really unique encyclopedia of metal beats!
This MIDI pack is not for the faint of heart, or the musically meek. We’re talking about a collection of MIDI grooves that will pummel your tracks into oblivion. This is the perfect marriage of speed and power.


I love it. The library gives you the ability to write metal and preproduce metal stuff. I use it for my own project and it works. You have those amazing fast double bass, heavy, trashy drum-patterns. You can edit them to taste and they work half time as well.

what you need:
you need toontrack EZdrummer or Superior Drummer. you need a library that has sounds with a lot of attack. Thats it.

it’s a short review because you need to try it out yourself. It’s the only midi-pack that acutally helps metal heads produce their stuff. I love it. Highly recommended!
get it for 25 euros from toontrack directly:

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