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Samplitude 11 Pro

Generally speaking

I think you all know Samplitude. It’s PC only. They have been getting image problems when they were sold to Magix (famous for their Magix music maker). Samplitude is definitly another sort of DAW.

Think about it as a mix-station. Object orientated. That means, every audio file is an object. If you do changes you can do that object related and not track related. If you can adjust to that workflow it’s the best thing since Propellerheads Reason.

It’s strenght is mixing, mastering applications. Samplitude has phase-stability. It sounds “better”. Really.

Samplitude is purely native PC software and therefore independent of proprietary audio hardware. Basically, that means the program works just as well on a laptop as on an audio workstation with dozens of inputs and outputs.
Simply pre-produce a song on a laptop and then complete the mixing later using a studio system.
Samplitude provides all of the freedom you need to choose your own system. MME, ASIO*, and WDM support all important driver models.
In contrast to other digital audio workstations, Samplitude enables a complete in-the-box workflow, whereby all steps, from composition recording and sound creation using VST instruments to editing, mixing, and mastering the finished CD, take place within a single program.

An outstanding strength of Samplitude and Sequoia the absolute sound neutrality featured. Highly developed digital algorithms, absolute phase stability, and continuous application of floating point calculations ensure that the sound maintains its special nuances during even the most intense digital processing. This results in transparency, neutrality, maintenance of transients, and space. Different audio formats from 16-bi

t to 32-bit floating point and sample rates up to 384 kHz are possible in the same arrangement.
Up to 999 tracks (Samplitude Pro and Sequoia) or 128 tracks (Samplitude) are possible in a single project. The maximum number of physical in and outputs is 256. This makes even the biggest and most demanding projects a snap to manage.

Problems & Technicalities

Installation went smooth and without problems. Not much to say. The WIBU protection caused zero problems on my host (which runs on XP and got ilok, Alladin dongles).


What’s that!? I loaded a project which I mixed on Cubase 5.x. The very same files. Loaded them in, mixed everything from scratch using the same plugins (but not the same settings). The lowend which I am usually struggle (not phat and wide usually, more like too much or too little in Cubase) came to life. 3D, wonderful, wow.. stuff sounded more separated from each other. The drums were tighter. Really. I do not trust marketing. I just heard it with my own ears.

From the start…
They gave me this Samplitude 11 pro for reviewing. I gave shit about it. I am a long time Cubase user, so you know how long it takes to adjust your workflow to another program. I got my head around the user interface, the different ways of adding and removing channels, tried the different ways of adding and removing VSTs and now here I am. Addicted to my new DAW, samplitude 11 Pro.

Object orientated thinking:

The audio material may be split into any number of objects and moved on the track freely. Every object can be edited with fades and effects, e.g. equalizer, timestretching, pitchshifting, or VST plug-ins. Even aux sends are possible at object level. This means that the aux send is only active for this object, making complicated automation unnecessary. The object editor offers real-time access to an object’s settings.

Some mixing features:

Features included in the integrated mixer:
– Loading and saving VST presets
– Surround-capable (Samplitude Pro and Sequoia)
– Up to 16 (Samplitude) or 64 (Samplitude Pro and Sequoia) inserts per channel
– Real-time effects in the master section: Advanced Dynamics, Multiband Dynamics, Multiband Stereo Spread, Dehisser, FFT Filter
– Freely configurable effects sequence
– Settings and views of the mixer may be saved as presets
– Offline Mixdown function in all supported formats
– Record Monitoring function with effects
– Pan characteristic, stereo base processing, and phase rotation can be set in each mixer track
– High-resolution analyzer, level displays, and correlation measurement
– Complete latency compensation of all channels, busses, etc.


If you are still willing to learn a new product, got a PC and wondered how to make your sound better (or maybe if you are a mastering guy and have not yet jumped to SADIE native) buy it. It’s rock stable, easy to learn and just better sounding then the other DAWs out there and their very good sounding plugins (the ones which are delivered with Samplitude 11 pro) make most other 3rd party ones sound like shit.

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  1. Andy says:

    I agree 100%
    I been using Samp and another DAW program for years, and I totally love the openness depth and upper transient information in Samp. There is nothing like it out there..

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