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Steven Slate – Trigger

Generally speaking

Steven Slate Trigger is made by Fabrice Gabriel. The trigger thing is a direct replacement for any available drumplugin. The speciality of Trigger is the possibility to use it standalone as drum sampler plugin. It can recive information via Midi.

The plugin ships with StevenSlate samples so it’s installing and having fun without carrying to much about buying other sample libraries.

Getting trough the controls is not easy first. You can do a lot with sensitivy control. When you are getting the idea of Trigger you are pretty fast done with the job. Making your own samples is possible via the external Trigger Sample Composer program.

Problems & Technicalities

Installing Trigger was easy (Ilok licence requried). It didn’t show up the first time I installed it and I had to rescan the VST folder. Samplitude recognized it afterwards.

Making your own samples (think about GOG format) is not easy. The external program is not intended for producers 🙂 You have invest quite some time to make a sample, load it in the Trigger plugin and test it.


I am impressed! The triggering is sample accurate (or much more then with drumagog 4) and the delay is consistant, so you can adjust the track by rendering it and adjust it manually to the original track (if that is necessary.. I had quite a bit of luck with just putting Trigger on the kickdrum track).

Trigger is also able to sidechain the Snare from the Kicktrack or the other way around. So you can hook up Trigger to both the snare and the kick and trigger the bleed from either the kick or the snare to get rid of “wrong” triggered snare hits on the kick drum track (if you deal with poorly tracked signals or with bleed).

It’s also possible to replace hihat tracks. It can recognize open, closed or semi-open hihat.s. that works pretty well!

Putting Trigger on a metal-kickdrum is fun. It really get’s the double bass shine in the mix. Love it.


With the background of the recently released Drumagog 5 (there is a new 5.0.1) out by the time talking but not tested it yet, I can guarantee that Trigger is much better in all aspects (except building your own sample libaries).

Buy it!

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