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Interview: Sylvia Massy (Tool, Aerosmith, Powerman 5000…)

I was able to do an email interview with Sylvia Massy. She is one of my long time heroesse (if there is a female word for that). The interview was taken on the January 6, 2014.

Interview with Flemming Rasmussen, Sweet Silence Studios Denmark (Metallica, Blind Guardian… )

Before we start: all photos copyright by Flemming Rasmussen   Interviewer: George Necola for Interview-partner: Flemming Rasmussen, Sweet Silence Studios Interview format: Email Interview date: January 2011     Introduction : Flemming Rasmussen is located in Denmark. One of the very few owners of a Trident A-range. He did classic albums with Metallica, Blind...

interview: Daniel Weiss

this interview was taken for in 2006 by George Necola. Interview partner was Daniel Weiss. thanx to Sebastian for translating it, Tik to review it, T.Ray to make the final corrections. you RULE GUYS! and a special thanx goes out to Daniel Weiss from Weiss engineering ( for spending some time with me and do the interview. the interview took place a few month ago in his researchlab in...

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